About Us

I am one of those people who grew up on these 4 years of preparation to the World Cup. The excitement was building up, and back then I didn’t know it would lead to this: creating a site where people like me could see that betting on the favorite sometimes pays off. The idea behind the site started brewing around the World Cup in 2006 in Germany where finally I could be there as a fan and see my team in the flesh. It was also when I placed my very first bet.


It was a simple bet placed on Brazil’s victory. Back then I knew nothing about how odds worked or how to choose the best bookie. But it was a successful bet, and then came another, and by the end of the World Cup my bankroll looked like it was smiling. I’m not going to go around saying that all my bets have been successful, because it would be a lie, and I don’t do that.

Maybe this site will give you the push you need to start betting yourself, and if your favorite country wins the tournament, and you end up with a lot of money as a result, wouldn’t that be a plus? I compiled a bookmaker’s list made of reliable companies I’ve been using through the years. The special bets section will answer the questions you might have had regarding those bets you heard about but didn’t know how they worked.

It’s basically a guide from beginning to end on what betting on the World Cup is really about.It’s something I wish I had had when I started my betting career. Who will win the World Cup 2014 in Brazil is still unknown, and speculations are all over the place. What really matters here is that together we can start guessing which country gets the right to brag about being the best. What do you think?