Golden Rules in Betting


We know what the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil does to people of all ages: it provides that extra excitement and thrill they might be missing in everyday life. Some of them even wait for this event holding their breaths, counting down the minutes till their favorite team can win and get the best betting odds.

When you place a bet on a World Cup game, this somehow makes the match in question several times more exciting. That doesn’t mean though that we feel the game based on what we’re expecting to happen; a World Cup match is lived on its own. Football betting in general never depended on luck and you are expected to either do your research first or implement the knowledge you already possess.

Sometimes it is advised to look for the better ranked team, at least the ones you heard about so that you can easily spot which one might end up being the outright winner of a World Cup match, or of the entire tournament. If you know your team’s strategy then you know for sure the weakest points that in the end might influence your bet.

Set some betting goals for yourself before you start betting on the World Cup. That is only to ensure you have discipline in betting and know the end goal you’re striving towards. It will help you be always focused and make small but positive progress to your end goal. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if you were able to spot valuable bets when you see them, meaning you’ll be able to say whether the payout will be greater than the risk you’re taking.

your money

Be a realist and not a dreamer with your betting career. Bet small from the start to see if your betting strategy works. When you see the constant payout to your bankroll, you can go and make some changes to the betting system you have. It will also do wonders for you on a psychological level, because the moment your small bet pays out that thrill you get is nowhere near to that of you looking at your unrealistically set goal and sighing because you’re nowhere near it.

Of course you’re bound to make some mistakes, and everyone does. If you found some system that promised you it’s faultless, it’s a scam. What losing an outright World Cup bet might do to you is teach and show where exactly the weak point was. It’s more or less the same thing as you were trying to spot in your favorite national team. In such cases it might be highly advisable to keep a betting journal; keep track of your own bets and odds, be the one to decide when to stop.

Be objective, which means that sometimes you need to have the audacity to go against the current and bet on a team that’s nowhere near being a favorite. People are subjective, that’s true, and the odds for the obvious winner could be far from the reality the bookies try to paint us. Test whatever strategy you stumbled upon without betting any real money, maybe even on paper.

If you’re going for the entire Brazil World Cup 2014 with either Germany or Spain, for example, remember to check the list of injuries and absentees that can influence the style of play or the entire team formation. And since you already know what odds are, you might think you’re quite ready to place a bet, but no. Apart from the shopping around policy, take into consideration the fact that this is your money you’re entrusting to complete strangers so why now got for those who have an immaculate reputation, or you could browse through our section of bookies.

Betting on football, in this particular case on the upcoming World Cup 2014 edition is something that will give you the chance for an entire month not only to witness the great highs and lows of a handful of games, but also be able to spot those valuable future bets, that later will offer you the opportunity for in-play World Cup betting with the best odds.