Arbitrage and Handicap Betting

Arbitrage betting is ensuring that you make profits out of the bets you place, achieved as a result of the difference between the odds presented by the bookmakers. This does not mean you have to back up every bet at the same bookmaker — that for sure is a way of losing because bookmakers won’t give up their margin.

But if you open an account with several bookmakers, and with each of them you place the bet for the biggest odds for an outcome, you can guarantee that one or several of them will pay off and you will win. All you have to do is take the time to compare all odds for a particular game with several bookmakers and then see if those odds will guarantee you a profit or not. If in the end you decide it’s worth the risk, place the bet before the start of the game and wait your payout after the final whistle.

To get started with arbitrage betting and be successful, you need to have in your arsenal a couple of tools, apart from a sizeable bankroll. In arbitrage betting the main point is to minimize mistakes and as a result your losses. That’s where an arbitrage calculator comes in handy, as it is a program that helps you count the odds difference for you without any room for mistakes. All that’s required from you is that you set the money you want to bet and the odds from the bookies, and the calculator will tell you how much you have to bet at each bookie in order not to lose anything.

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Asian Handicap Betting is betting that gives you a much better chance of winning than with European fixed odds. It takes out the draw outcome of a match and offers some head start for the underdog. So what exactly do these numbers in front of teams mean? Here’s a quick look of the most common types of Asian Handicap bets:

- Asian Handicap 0: the teams are both at the same level, and since the draw does not exist you can bet on either team to win. If the match ends in a draw the money will be returned to you.
- Asian Handicap 0.5: if this handicap is attributed to the underdog it will have a (+), if it’s for the clear favorite it will be marked with (-). As a result if the favorite wins the game, your bet has proven successful; if it’s either of the 2 other outcomes you’ve lost. Now if the underdog wins and the match ends in a draw that’s securing 2 out of 3 outcomes.
- Asian Handicap 1.0: this type of market is very welcomed if you’re really sure that the underdog might win. If they don’t win and only lose by a goal difference, then you get your money back. It does look like a rather profitable bet for the World Cup 2014, no?
- Asian Handicap 1.5: this betting market again favors the underdog. For example in a Germany vs Austria match with this kind of attributed handicap, if Austria wins, draws or only manages to lose by one goal, your bet is won.
- Asian Handicap 2.0: this bet brings you money in case you know the favorite has a tendency to score many goals; for this particular Asian Handicap the team has to win by at least 3 goals, but even if you want to back up the underdog you can still win even if they lose by a two-goal difference.

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There are also Double Asian Bets, and as confusing as that may look at first, in reality they really are simple; double handicaps are used to separate your bet into 2. Each of them will have the same odds to win, but will be regarded with a different single handicap. This will result in one of the following outcomes:

- Both your bets will win, and the amount of money you intended to get at first will be given back to your bankroll.

- If only one of them wins, and one ends in a draw, your initial stake will be returned; in the betting world this is known as a half win, because you literally won only half of your bet.

- One of your bets ends in a draw and the other one loses. As a contrast to the previous bet, this one is called half loss, because you are still getting back the stake for the draw.