Football betting

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Football has become one of the most popular sports to bet on and has overtaken the ever popular horse races, and it’s constantly improving in fan numbers. If the football action takes place during the regular 90 minutes of play, it means that you can literally now bet on any action, even who will be the last to touch the ball.

If you’re only planning to start betting on football and were just expecting a major tournament to do so, the World Cup 2014 in Brazil is the chance you’ve been waiting for. It will take place during the summer, which means the weather conditions might influence the game to a certain degree. Guessing the exact score is one of the betting markets, but it might not turn out to be efficient in the long run, and under no circumstance should you rely on pure luck, especially if you plan to be a successful bettor in the long run.


Football betting is at its best when you have to pick a team and predict whether it will win, draw or lose (the 1X2 market, where 1 stands for one of the teams to win, X stands for the draw and 2 stands for team number two to be the winner). You may not make a lot of money in the beginning just from this type of market, but it will give you enough time to find the outright odds and a valuable bet, while the money will have a steady flow into your bankroll.

If you’d like you could take the draw out and just choose the team you think is going to win, and if the match ends in a draw you get the money from your stake back; this type of bet is called “Draw No Bet.” Did you know that the best match odds, including on the World Cup, are the ones placed after the start of the game? It’s an assumption or an idea we are backing up with everything we know about betting on football. The most valuable bets are those that change depending on what happens on the pitch.

Other football markets include betting on future events, like a specific team winning a tournament. This type of bet depends on the outcome of more than one game, and you can choose your World Cup winner years before the tournament starts. Then it will be a betting frenzy like one you’ve never seen before, the best world cup odds will find you wherever you go, and then you have an entire month to learn what football is really about.

Football is a very entertaining sport, especially when there are rivalries to remember, or a long history between the teams. Once you start understanding the basic rules of football, how it works and when does the regular time end — apart from absolutely falling in love with the sport and the players — you will be able to single out that one team which will bring cash flow to your account.