Mistakes in Betting

What is that thin line that separates different types of gamblers, and most importantly, how can you become one of those who earn “smart money”? The difference between a professional gambler who sometimes likes to try out different sports to expand his horizons and one who is just starting relies on the fact that the more experienced always keeps track of all his bets — even the unsuccessful ones, which means he can learn from his mistakes.
mistakes in betting

To avoid painful situations where you run out of money in your bankroll, pay attention to several things that can be avoided. Special bets might sound tricky to you, but in the end these special betting markets are the ones that might bring you money. Don’t fall into the trap of not knowing when to stop. Trying to find the winner in every game of the World Cup groups will be next to impossible, and some bookmakers will do their best to avoid paying out big accumulator wins.

Even if you’re rather sad about losing on a bet you were so sure of, don’t go off and start betting again on a whim. Accept that nobody wins all the time, and therefore you’ll be able to stop when it gets impossible for you to win anymore. The money you might have lost will get back to you tenfold if you do your homework right and leave no stone unturned while getting to know everything you can about football, even the weather forecasts.

Some say it’s wise not to bet on high profile teams or, in the case of World Cup goalscorer markets, on those who are always most likely to score. They say these kind of bets are useless, seeing as the new bettors might be convinced by the so-called “sucker bets” resulting in winning easy money. While we’ll disagree with the overall accuracy of that statement, we do have to admit the fact that sometimes spotting the early trends of a big upset might end up being extra rewarding money wise.

And even if you shop around and don’t find the best match odds for any World Cup game, it means that the particular day holds no value to you, so just skip it and try again another day. A successful bet must be based on something more than just the fact that others placed a bet on a match. Stay true to yourself. During the days when you do bet on a World Cup match and win it would be better if you’ll remember to cash out. Some bookmakers offer this option and if yours does the same take full advantage of it instead of losing all your money.

When someone tells you they have a hot tip on some particular game, don’t bet on it — even if you’re tempted — if you didn’t do any research yourself. You might be falling into a trap, and you will regret it later. We’re not saying stop reading every tip, but we advise you to find the value and reasoning behind every World Cup 2014 tip.

Another important feature for the success of your bankroll is the fact that sometimes people choose the wrong bookmaker. Never stop to look just at the bonuses they offer upon signing up. Instead, find out how much they are going to take from your bankroll upon having a successful bet. If you have time, read what other punters have to say about the money withdrawal, and even if you had a bad day, never bet too much.

Like it was mentioned previously, know when to stop, so if you get hit by the unlucky strike, the magic of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil can not only bring you great feelings as a fan, but also as a thriving young or experienced bettor.

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