Special Bets

Betting on football does not only stand for the regular outcome of the match. The most valuable bets are the ones called “Special bets,” meaning they go deeper into the football world and separate the game in all possible game actions. After that the World Cup 2014 betting markets are presented to your consideration, and you can already choose whether you go for a safe bet or take a risk and go after something a little more specific.

For example, spread betting has the same principle as in the financial area, as in you get to bet on the fixed odds and attest that in your opinion the team you’re going with is winning the tournament or the game below or above the point spread set by the bookmaker.

Your bets become void if the action you wagered on happens after regular time, unless you stumble upon some markets that include their injury time. Other special bets markets can include outright odds on bookings which are calculated after a special system, corners, team performance or goalscorers.
Speaking of goals, this one is one of the most profitable betting markets, as you get to venture into guessing not only the correct score but also on the total number of goals during the entire match. Basing yourself on the team’s previous experience in the World Cup, go for the clean sheet market or the method of scoring a goal. Usually this is rather tricky, but not impossible to predict.

The odd/even market specifies clearly whether the number of goals in the entire match will be odd or even, and if your team has a great defensive style of play, you could place your bet on them to win to nil. For the World Cup 2014 this seems like a rather popular market considering every team will try to concede less, which means that every goal will be considered a golden one.

Have you ever thought about betting on the goalkeepers? World Cup 2014 in Brazil will give you the opportunity to do just that, and you can predict which goalkeeper will be the last to touch the ball in either half. But remember for this bet to count the ball must be in play.

William Hill usually has coupled odds for the goalscorer market, and it pairs up either players from the same team or one from each team which will eventually allow you to be even surer that your bet will end up being a winning one. And since we’re talking about players, why not touch another special bets market: the booking one. That’s right, now you can not only bet on the total number of cards in the game but also classify the teams according to the booking points market.

Usually a yellow card is worth 20 points and a combination of the two yellow ones that results in automatic red is worth 35 points. The outright markets for this area would be to decide whether the total number of booking points will be over or under 35. The World Cup betting markets will also allow you to single out the team with the most booking points, and here you have it fairly easy. Remember the rivalries between the teams; the character of any particular game will have you guessing easily how many booking points the match will end with.

If you’re the kind of person who checks the weather forecast before a match, you’re either lucky or just really informed, maybe even both. Bookmakers not only present you player betting markets for the World Cup but also give you such specifics like if you think it is going to rain or if it will be so hot and sunny that the game will get stopped. Since the competition is taking place in Brazil we’ll let you decide with betting odds on the weather you will go for.

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