Sports Betting

After knowing the basics in odds and what a bookmaker is, you could try to find more about sports betting. If all this seems like a nuisance now, once the World Cup starts, this knowledge will come in handy if you’re a new bettor.First and foremost what you must realize is the fact that sports’ betting is not your regular gambling experience, certainly not the one you might be getting while playing poker or a casino game. While betting on sports and getting some outright wins, what really matters is to have basic knowledge of the sport you’re focusing on.

Records of sports gambling have been recorded in the US ever since the very early stages where colonists were betting on fighting and even cockfighting. Later it spread to the UK, and we’re inclined to think that it was the thing which set the basis for all the best bookmakers that now have their basis in UK. Nowadays you don’t need to be an expert in sports to become successful. If your favorite pastime is watching sports, you’re already half way to a successful betting career.
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In sports betting, now that we’re focusing on the World Cup, we place the wager on a specific outcome of a game with real money. If your supposition ends up being right, you receive the money you placed plus something extra. How much you will get on the World Cup 2014 betting markets depend on the odds, which are a relatively objective comparison between two teams based on their previous matches, performances and what final outcome the bookmakers are expecting after the final whistle.

Bookmakers usually have this theory that if the odds are low, then your chance to win is big, but really if you sit and think sometimes the teams with the bigger odds can pull off a surprise and win. When this happens you will win much more than usual, and some matches are worth the risk you might be taking.

The usual betting odds for football are 1X2, where 1 stands for the home team, X stands for the draw and 2 stands for the visitors. If you want to go for one of the important matches, you will always find them in the middle of the screen among the popular markets. All you have to do is click on the game you want and find the best World Cup 2014 odds there can ever be. In sports betting in general, if you want to be successful you need to have a clear understanding of how significant money management really is.

Another feature which we think it is rather noteworthy is to know that the house edge the bookmakers are having will always be constant, and you cannot go against the bookies all the time because in the end you might lose and we’re trying to avoid that here. With time this will end up being quite profitable if you know when to stop, and those who are successful know this is not an overnight process.

While betting on any match of the World Cup 2014, pay attention to the betting markets and thus to the types of bets, the majority of which we will list below.

  •   Fair bets – bets in which no additional commission fee is required.
  •   Proposition bets – a very specific outcome of a game (who will win outright, who will score last, etc.).
  •   Parlays – placing wagers on different teams taking part in all qualification stages of the World Cup 2014. This works as an accumulator and if one team loses, they money you will receive will be a lot less than the initial guess.
  •   Future bets – for outcomes of matches or events that don’t take place for several months. They are usually placed before the competition starts and the payout to the bankroll is immediate after the final whistle of said competition.
  •   In-Play betting – the possibility of placing a bet during the match and change your decision or the odds you’ll use based on the happenings on the field.

Sometimes the bookmakers set betting limits on several markets, but if that happens and your thirst for profitable bets is still in full force you might place some more wagers with another bookmaker, because in the end sports betting is all about making your free time worthwhile.